My writing has swung a wide arc between music, contemporary art, lifestyle content, and outdoor adventures, including a monthly column on cycling, and even an adapted comic book. Selected pieces from my portfolio are linked below.

Galleries West, May 22, 2022, “Trash Talk: Arianna Richardson lays waste to comfortable habits with art made from plastic” (exhibition review)

Galleries West, Nov 15, 2021, “Listening Alongside: Sound art examines Indigenous-settler relations” (exhibition review)

“Ethically Listening to the Archives,” The Cairn 4 (5), September 2021.

“‘Having Walked Alongside You’: A Conversational Exchange on Territory and Sound in Motion,” co-authored with Migueltzinta Solís. Intonations 1 (1):24-46.

Galleries West, Nov 2, 2020, “Lauren Crazybull: Alberta’s first official artist in residence creates territories in sound” (exhibition review)

Galleries West, July 10, 2020, “Santiago Mostyn: An exhibition about migration and colonial oppression prompts thoughts about galleries as sites of protest” (exhibition review)

“Diversity Counts: Gender, Race, and Representation in Canadian Art Galleries,” co-author of Chapter 1 with Anne Dymond, Jennifer Vanderfluit, Ashley Fulton, and Kaitlynn Smart. McGill-Queen’s University Press, June 2019.

Galleries West, May 20, 2019, “Isuma at the Venice Biennale: The Canadian pavilion brings Inuit perspectives to issues that also face other parts of the world” (exhibition review)

Galleries West, Mar. 25, 2019, “Daughters of Uranium: Mary Kavanagh looks at the atomic age’s lingering residue on humanity” (exhibition review)

Galleries West, Jan. 14, 2019, “Tangled Tongue: Jennifer Rose Sciarrino’s poetic work reminds us of the need to build intimacy in a disconnected world” (exhibition review)

CMCJ, Oct. 31, 2018, “Garbage Party Art Project Dazzles Viewers Into Deeper Discussions”

Galleries West, Oct. 2, 2018, “Emotional Autopsy: Kasia Sosnowski dissects the experience of grief in fragile ceramics that evoke the courage and strength of vulnerability” (exhibition review)

Muse, July/August 2018, “Building Community Engagement – It’s Not Just About You”

Canadian Cycling Magazine, Mar. 15, 2018, “Prairie Mountain Biking – 48 Hours”

Lethbridge Living, Jul-Aug 2017, “Listening To The River”

Lethbridge Living, May-June 2017, “A Slice of Paradise on the Prairies”

Amplify, August 3, 2017, “Canadian Bands You Should Know: Richard Inman”

Amplify, April 21, 2017, “Canadian Bands You Should Know: The Shiverettes”

LUMA Quarterly, Issue 007, Volume 2, Winter 2017, “Naked and Alone at the Threshold Between Two Worlds”

Quirk Magazine, Jan-Feb 2017, “A Passion for the Pass”

Beatroute.ca, Oct 31, 2016, “Leeroy Stagger Reflects on His Career Post-Peak”

BeatRoute.ca, Oct 3, 2016, “The Last Slice: A Final Farewell to a Lethbridge Live Music Gem”

Re: Writing Art History, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, June 2011 (exhibition text)